Ananda - Personalized Meditations

Ananda - Personalized Meditations

By Chopra Enterprises Corporation

Score: 2.5
From 34 Ratings


Ananda Meditation is scientifically proven to improve overall health and daily life. Join our Ananda community to make the changes you desire in your life! Create tens of thousands of unique combinations with music that you pick from our library, paired with any of our meditations, then set the length of your experience and adjust the audio balance between the ambient music and the meditations that Deepak Chopra and the experts of the Chopra Center have put together for you. Access our ever-growing library via on your computer, tablet or mobile device - anytime, anywhere. Get inspired by expertly-crafted recommendations or create your own music and meditation combinations to save into your personalized playlist. We offer meditations specifically for kids from 8 years and up, as well as for adults. The Ananda mobile app offers: - Guided meditations from Deepak Chopra and other wellness leaders - Suggested playlists to suit your mood - Extensive music selections to pair with meditations Enjoy the benefits of meditation, anytime, anywhere: - Reduced stress and burnout - Enhanced concentration and memory - Increased creativity and problem-solving skills - Decreased anxiety and insomnia - More loving relationships - Increased moments of peace, joy and inspiration No commercials. No hidden fees. Try us for 1 month for free and continue with unlimited access to our full library for $8.99 a month. You can cancel any time with a single click process by turning off your auto-renewal in your Account Settings. The subscription renews every month unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before end of the current subscription period. Your iTunes account will automatically be charged within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period and you will be charged for one month at a time. You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your iTunes account settings. Monthly prices: U.S. US$8.99 / Mexico $159.00 / Canada CA$11.99 / U.K. £6.99 / Malta 8,99 € / Germany 8,99 € / Luxembourg 8,99 € / Slovenia 8,99 € / France 8,99 € / Romania 8,99 € / Slovakia 8,99 € / Belgium 8,99 € / Bulgaria 8,99 € / Cyprus 8,99 € / Greece 8,99 € / Estonia 8,99 € / Czech Republic 8,99 € / Italy 8,99 € / Latvia 8,99 € / Ireland 8,99 € / Austria 8,99 € / Finland 8,99 € / Netherlands 8,99 € / Spain 8,99 € / Poland 8,99 € / Hungary 8,99 € / Portugal 8,99 € / Lithuania 8,99 € / Sweden 95,00 kr / Denmark 69,00 kr / Norway 99,00 kr / Switzerland CHF 9.00 / Australia AU$13.99 / New Zealand NZ$12.99 / Japan JP¥1,080 / China CN¥60.00 / Hong Kong HK$ 68.00 / Singapore S$ 12.98 / Taiwan NT$ 270 / India Rs 550 / Indonesia Rp 129ribu / Israel NIS 35.90 / Russia 699 р. / Saudi Arabia SR 32.99 / South Africa R179.99 / Turkey 23,99 TL / U.A.E. AED 32.99 / Korea, Republic Of US$9.89 Privacy policy: Terms of use:



  • Subscription cancelled

    By Abundanceforall
    Unfortunately, something needs to be done with updating the app. I have had a subscription through iTunes the past year or more and had not been able to log in through my email subscription. I reached out to the app’s customer service and was informed that my subscription e-mail through Ananda was cancelled last September, but my subscription was still active through iTunes, so I was being charged. I’ve sadly cancelled my subscription to Ananda because I can’t even log in and use the subscription I’ve been paying for. I, like many other customers, enjoy the content but it’s costing me my hard earned money for iTunes and the App to not be able to sync.
  • Great content - technology poor

    By Jodashde
    I have many of the Deepak-Oprah meditations downloaded, and to which I have gone to for years. When I found this app, I hesitated because of the ridiculously steep price, which was made even worse as it was not a one-time charge, but a monthly subscription. The content was so rich and full and way more than the several 21-day meditations I had downloaded on my phone. I bit the bullet and purchased. The annoyances began (good it was a meditation app, so It could help deal with these frustrations!) when the sign in started showing up every day. When have any of us had an app or a site to sign in each time? We can usually save our pw, if we choose to do so, and do when we tap the icon, it takes us right in to the content. At some point in the past year or so of using the app, this extra step vanished and now (95% of time), tapping on the icon takes me directly to content with out having to log in! Yay!!! Progress!!! Sometimes the downloads get stuck and found the only way to stop the insanity I have to delete the app and go back in and reload. Then, of course, I have to log in, etc., again. It doesn’t take long, but 1) I am paying way more for this app than any other 2) the technology I gave to deal with is archaic!!! Grrrrr - better go re-load my stuck app (where the meditation download is still spinning round and round) so my day starts out a little more joyfully and serenely!!! I hope this review will come to the attention of the app tech team and they will be able to fine tune its performance.
  • Frustrating, because it could be amazing

    By Liger79
    It has incredible content however it is challenging to get to, not as easy to navigate as you would expect and always wants a password. Getting ready to dump the high priced subscription for the low quality functionality of the app. Too bad because I'm fine with paying the price for the content just isn't worth the hassle to get to it.
  • Apple Watch?

    By Scrappleby
    Would like to have reminders such as motivational quotes or reminders for mindfulness moments in the app. Preferably via Apple Watch. Will this app connect to Apple HealthKit?
  • Very Happy

    By AshleyDuhhhh
    I am very pleased with this app. I would like to suggest that you add some meditations in Spanish if possible. I would love to recommend it to a few family members but their English skills are limited. Also, make the kids mediation a bit more kids friendly. Thank you.
  • Good but has a bug

    By Mogamelover
    Love the variety of options for meditations, music and settings. I use this every morning. Only concern is that the app seems to trigger a bug that then continually asks for my password through the rest of the day until I reboot my phone. Hope that is fixed soon.
  • BUMMED - technical issues

    By robin kz
    So upset that this app doesn't work properly. I actually love it but I can only play it on my desktop, which makes it VERY inconvenient for a mobile app. And paying $10 a month for something that doesn't work tends to have the opposite effect on me than it is intended.
  • Good Content/ So-so Technical Interface

    By AliciaLaw
    So glad they fixed the log in issue so that you don't have to log in each time you launch the app. I was a little surprised with the cost but I love having good meditations easily accessible. Could use some technical updates the other reviewers have commented on but overall I really enjoy it.
  • Not resubscribing

    By 😌Qty
    It's a good app with lots of meditations. It could be easier to navigate, but it is new so that could change. I'm greatfull that the login issue was fixed. My problem is it is too expensive at $9.00 a month. I've downloaded the Oprah/Chopra meditations and although they are expensive to, they are now mine and I can use them with or without Internet. With Ananda if I stop subscribing, I have nothing. The other Chopra apps I have I paid once, that's how it should be for Ananda 1 payment. There are similar apps that only cost $5.00. So sorry, but 👋🏽
  • Great content, disappointing performance

    By KaYambian
    Deepak and team, thank you for launching this important app. I have been doing the 21 day mediations for some time and this is an amazing addition. I love the content and the design. So much for the praise. This app needs urgent work. 1. (Thanks for fixing the problem where you had to sign in every time!) 2. The app is constantly loading content. Why don't you preload the content so it stays there? That way we can access the content even though we don't have the best wifi. 3. Please let us save some meditations so we can access them while being offline. For example on a plane. 4. As for an example of a great meditation app, look at what the team from "Calm" is doing. An almost perfect app designed by people that are passionate and know what they are doing. But they lack of Deepak, his voice and wisdom, so there is your opportunity. 5. Happy to pay the subscription price if the app is professional. Now it is very expensive for the value. Please get to work and make this app the best meditation app out there. Namaste!