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  • Release Date: 2017-01-26
  • Current Version: 1.4
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
Score: 3.5
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A TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE is coming to the USA on Monday, August 21, 2017! -Plan your eclipse viewing activities! -Make sure YOU will be “in the path of totality” on eclipse day! -See when the eclipse will happen for your location VISIT THE SITE! is one of the world’s leading sites for information on the total solar eclipse that is coming to the USA on August 21, 2017. There, you’ll find tons of information, maps, links, news articles, community information – and of course, eclipse glasses! GET THE APP! Now, you can get the perfect companion app –! With it, you’ll be able to see whether your selected viewing location will be in the path of totality, and what time the partial and total phases of the eclipse will happen. (Those times are different for every location.) ASTRONOMY DEGREE NOT REQUIRED! Other apps have so much information, it’s hard to know what you’re looking at – or what it all means. If you just want to know AM I IN THE PATH OF TOTALITY, and WHEN DOES THE ECLIPSE START, then is the app for you! And if you want to know more, we’ve included some basic eclipse information - as well as links to the site where you can find out anything you want to know. 100% AD-FREE! NO ads, NO popups, NO clickbait, nothing but good information – even in the free version! It’s all about giving YOU the information you need to make sure you are IN THE PATH on eclipse day! UPGRADED VERSION Upgrading the app gives you the ability to: - save potential viewing locations for easy future access - use your device’s GPS to get eclipse info for your current location. (CRITICAL on eclipse day!) LIKED THE SITE? GET THE APP! A total solar eclipse is coming to the USA! We’ll see you… in the shadow! NEVER ATTEMPT TO VIEW THE PARTIAL PHASES OF THE ECLIPSE WITHOUT PROPER EYE PROTECTION!



  • Not much better than looking at a map

    By KevinCM5643
    Many web sources will give you a map of the path of totality. You can easily see where the path is, and what locations are along the centerline. Unfortunately, I don't see how this app does much more than that.
  • Great app for the eclipse

    By Charles P. W.
    I have been using the app for over a week now and am totally impressed. Not only does it tell you when and were to be for the August 21 event, it gives lots of educational material to help one understand precisely what's going on. Response from inquires was also impressive. Within an hour I had my question answered. A great app for so little money.
  • Well Done

    By DocBob
    I am surprised that this app currently has more negative reviews that positive ones. It is certailny true that the info in this app is available on websites - which seems to be the reason behind a couple one-star reviews. Another motivator for a low-rating review is that the app is not free. With all due repsect, neither of these are valid reasons for a one star rating. What other reviewers are not considering is the fact that most of the totality path is over very rural territory - and cell covrage while improving is not great in those regions, especially mountainous areas where we are likely to be. It is true the app does not have lots of extra info on eclipses - but that is not what it will be used for and I find extra info in a utility app to just clutter the interface. Now regarding cost - I don't know the developers but they obviously worked hard on it and I for one would much rather pay (gasp!) $3 than have an ad pop every time I open it or - a la Waze - every time I drive close to a Tim Hortons. So, from my perspective this is money well spent. IMHO one star reviews should be reserved for constant-crashing apps or those that don't do what they say or steal your data. Just sayin.. This app does exactly what I was looking for - provides a GPS / map based updated location relative to the path of totality. My son will likely be using this from the passenger seat on eclipse day if we have to "dash" to get out of clouds and it should work well for that. I also appreciate the warnings you have to click through regarding using it while driving and the need for eye protection. So, nice job developers. As I searched through options I briefly thought no one had developed this yet and considered finding a programmer and commissioning it as perhaps a way to make some money. I'm very grateful for not having to do that, and here's my $3!
  • Good Tool

    By TomTomTessa
    This app lets you specify multiple locations for viewing the August 21 solar eclipse. If a location will see a total eclipse, the app shows when the opening partial phase begins, when totality begins, and the duration of totality. If a location will see only a partial eclipse, the app shows when the partial phase begins and when it ends. It also displays an image which shows how much of the Sun will be hidden at the mid-point of the eclipse. The app itself doesn't offer any other info about eclipses, but it includes a direct link to the website, which is overflowing with info. I plan to drive a long distance to see this eclipse. I'm happy to have this info to help me choose from the many viewing sites I might pick. I'll also use the app to give viewing info to friends and family who will see only a partial eclipse at their various homes. Two additions I would like: 1) Display the name I assigned to a viewing site along with (or instead of) its coordinates. I remember names, not numbers. 2) Let me specify that one of my locations is "home," and make that the default site shown on the display.
  • BAIT AND SWITCH! - with no guarantee!

    By Cap'nDon
    ... and one star is an great over-valuation! They get you to agree that using your GPS will let you know when and where the eclipse hits your area; then when you get inside, they let you know that you have to pay in order to use your GPS! I'm betting there will be several websites that will offer the same type of coverage these folks imply - and without a fee. Just sayin...
  • Nearly worthless

    By U2pillotjt
    I'm an amateur astronomer/astrophotographer. I've been on many web sites supporting the eclipse. I thought maybe this app would provide some nifty info so I bit and I'm out $3. There's nothing on this app any better than what a simple web search will get you. If you're any kind of astronomy buff, it's beneath you as far as sophistication goes. It has some pretty basic timing info for the events, that's it. Save your money.
  • Works as advertised

    By Art L 29625
    I find the 'Rip-off' review to be totally without merit. The FREE app works exactly as advertised - select you desired location on the built-in map, and the app returns exact information relating your selected location to the path of totality, and provides the date and time for the eclipse with a depiction of the calculated view. If you want the ability to use your devices built-in GPS location and to save selected locations for future review, then spend the $3 for an upgraded version, and give it 5 stars.
  • Rip-off

    By Dust Behind Truck
    It's not free. This app ONLY provides platform to purchase a functional app, that's it. DECEPTIVE advertising. I refuse to purchase now, although it might be an excellent app.
  • Only works if you buy the upgrade

    By Phymly
    The Android version I have on my phone was more functional then this one even before I paid for it. This one is worthless unless you upgrade, can't even look at a location.
  • Love this app

    By kas1608
    I've been taking a class on astronomy and I showed this app to my professor and he loved it! He said it was very well done and put together nicely.