Amazon Cloud Cam

Amazon Cloud Cam

By AMZN Mobile LLC

  • Category: Photo & Video
  • Release Date: 2017-10-28
  • Current Version: 1.1.200024
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 38.53 MB
  • Developer: AMZN Mobile LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.3 or later.
Score: 3
From 74 Ratings


With the Cloud Cam app, you can access your Cloud Cam feed, anywhere you go. Use the Cloud Cam app to check in 24/7 and catch every activity. Replay important activities that were captured throughout the day. Name your cameras to easily differentiate monitoring views, like the kitchen vs. the living room. Listen in or let your kids know when it’s time for bed with two-way audio. You can even customize alerts by highlighting zones that are most important. Catch every moment Amazon’s indoor security camera features everything you need to help keep your home safe. With Cloud Cam, you get only the alerts that matter. As soon as activity is detected you’ll be notified through real-time notifications, allowing you to keep a tab on your home from anywhere. 24/7 monitoring Stay connected 24/7 to your home, family, and pets in crisp 1080p HD, and catch activities as they happen. Cloud Cam captures up to 30 frames per second, ensuring every moment is secured. Use the Cloud Cam app to drop in on your home anytime by viewing live video streams, replay motion alert videos, and more. See clearly in the dark Cloud Cam features eight infrared LEDs that let you see clearly in the dark. Cloud Cam’s computer vision algorithms automatically activates night vision when lighting is dim. See the entire room throughout the night—not just a spotlight. Two-way audio Cloud Cam’s built-in mic and speaker lets you stay in touch with your household. Check in with the kids after school, tell your dog to stop barking, or say hello through the Cloud Cam app. Intelligent alerts Cloud Cam’s computer vision algorithms analyze video clips in real time. Unlock additional features such as person alerts to get notified when someone’s actually there. Zones lets you set areas that Cloud Cam should ignore, like a fish tank or a tree outside a window, so Cloud Cam can focus on activities you care about. And since Cloud Cam’s intelligence lives in the cloud so it automatically adds new features and functionality.



  • Good start but missing few key features

    By Eijh
    Star- - for no Apple TV app. Star++ for night vision control. Good job. Star- - for unreliable home/away. (its your killer feature) Need four more features. 0. I noticed home / away doesn’t work well on a iPhone 7 Plus 128GB / iPhone X 256GB. Especially the part we expect it to turn the camera back on when no one is home. Unclear what the issue is but the app should scan device setting for anything that can hinder this from working. For example, low battery mode being on, background app refresh being off, location service being disabled, etc. I also read reports that if the phone with home/away registered is turned off the home/away fails to work even after its turned back on. In my case home/away stopped working when I upgraded from iPhone 6 to iPhone X and transferred all my data/apps. I made sure Cloud Cam was uninstalled on the old device and configured properly on new device. 1. Introduce the concept of household for the sake of home/ away feature. What’s the point of having home/away feature if it only works for 1 person/account in the household? 2. Partition settings page into local vs global settings. Local is a setting that impacts a given phone/tablet device such as notification frequency. Global setting would be things like night vision setting which impacts the camera and is shared across all phone/tablet devices. 3. Apple TV app. Cancelling subscription and switching over to another ip cam if this isn’t fixed ASAP. Side note, I want the green led to always stay on when it’s monitoring. This coupling makes the camera on our premise tolerable for privacy conscious people. This is the feature that made us ditch our existing Logitech and Flir cams. This camera is at best a deterrent and I don’t think the ability to turn the led off would be more useful. The bad guys will just rob in their hoodies.
  • Needs some enhancements

    By Dieselville
    Great start Amazon. You have the potential to steal the market with this device it’s a great camera but missing some features that hopefully get added to the app. I’d like to keep the camera on but schedule the recording timeframe. It’s nice to check in on my family but then it records the whole time it’s on.
  • About half as useful as my Nest cams

    By iMatt*Tat
    With the endless flow of money I send to amazon I hope they can make their app more useful. I left nest for these to just be more consistent with my other smart items but nests app and time delay is missed greatly. I may have to switch back if amazon can’t get this up to par soon! Save your money Nesters, until amazon steps up.
  • Decent, I want better though

    By 28273729102837
    I like my cloud cam but there are missing features. I want to be able to schedule time frames when it’s off/on. I would love to create profiles too. I use the camera to keep track an irresponsible teenager mostly. If I could create a profile (profile A) that allowed me to have it record and not send notifications during the day, then at night I could run a second profile (profile B) that immediately alerts me to any motion that would be ideal. Instead I have to choose which one I want all the time or I have to manually switch all the time. The great thing about apps is they can be programmed to do all this stuff I want. Amazon please take this from a good cam to a great one.
  • Great Start

    By C.wmorris
    I have switched from Nest to Cloud Cam, as it appears many have, due to the competitive pricing. Camera is good. No issues there. My concern is with the app itself. Sure there are some features the Nest app has that Amazon’s doesn’t, but I’m sure some will follow soon. My biggest concern is that the live feed only lasts for 15-20 minutes and will then disconnect. Then you have to touch the screen and it will reconnect. Normally, it’s probably not an issue. However, we use ours as a baby monitor and would like to have it running all night while we sleep but becomes useless after 15-20 minutes. I hope this is fixed soon because the lack of some features is worth the price difference of Nest.
  • Good But Not Great...

    By vonklebow
    User interface is good and very intuitive, however they need an option for multiple users with the ability to grant them either user or admin privileges. If I grant access to another user by logging in on their device they have the same privileges as I do which is not ideal. However quality of video and sound are superb as well as the Home/Away Feature. For the cost of these cams and monthly fees to allow more cloud storage they need to create a section for multiple users.
  • Keep having to reinstall it for it work

    By totic29
    Installed it and after having it for less than a week it becomes unusable, can’t sign out, can’t remove cameras, have to uninstall it and reinstall it for it to work
  • Good camera, some tweaks needed

    By atkpitt12
    Camera quality is great. Can’t mute audio when watching live feed. This is a must that needs to added.
  • Good App

    By Dhyxychd
    Would like to have a selection to rotate view 90 degrees, rather than just 180. Also make it easier to delete unwanted clips, such as select a group of clips then hit delete one time. Rather then deleting one clip at a time.
  • Good start

    By Jason Cox
    The Cloud Cam is off to a good start, but it’s still missing some key features that it’s competitors have offered for years. Presently the Cloud Cam only shows you recordings where activity has been detected. It doesn’t offer a DVR like Nest and you can’t tell it to only watch for activity in certain zones (like a doorway or window). Overall it’s neat, but Amazon has a lot of work to do to catch-up to the completion.