FAA CFI Flight Instructor Prep

FAA CFI Flight Instructor Prep

By Dauntless Software

  • Category: Education
  • Release Date: 2010-08-25
  • Current Version: 10.3.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 420.95 MB
  • Developer: Dauntless Software
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 103 Ratings


Spend less time studying and more time flying! This is the FAA Flight and Ground Instructor (CFI) version of GroundSchool, our FAA knowledge (written) test preparation featuring up-to-date questions, free updates, and illustrated explanations written by a professional team of pilot examiners and instructors. GroundSchool is fully compatible with FAA ACS (Airman Certification Standards) and our editorial team is working to keep it so as ACS continues to evolve. Don't be fooled by imitators! Competing apps use only the limited set of questions that the FAA publicly releases via its website - that is not enough to adequately prepare you for your test! Our GroundSchool app, on the other hand, features a much more comprehensive database (typically about 2-4 times the size of the demo FAA public one) of actual and current FAA questions that you likely can and will be asked on the actual test! This along with our detailed, professional explanations and easy to use interface are major reasons why pilots have come to trust GroundSchool. Features: * Actual FAA Questions Current and Valid for Right Now. As soon as you install the software, use the 'update' feature and the software will connect to our servers, grab the latest questions, images, figures, and explanation content, and you'll be good to go. * Detailed Explanations written by an experienced editorial team of examiner and instructor pilots. * All Charts and Figures Included * Share Your Results with your instructor * Compatible with all FAA "ground school" classroom-based courses This CFI version of GroundSchool will prepare you for any or all of the following tests: * FIA - Flight Instructor Airplane * FRH - Flight Instructor Rotorcraft Helicopter * FIG - Flight Instructor Glider * AFA - Flight Instructor Airplane (added rating) * AFG - Flight Instructor Glider (added rating) * BGI - Ground Instructor Basic * AGI - Ground Instructor Advanced * FRG - Flight Instructor Rotorcraft Gyroplane * GFA - Flight Instructor Rotorcraft Gyroplane (added rating) * HFA - Flight Instructor Rotorcraft Helicopter (added rating) * FOI - Fundamentals of Instruction * MCI - Military Competence Flight Instructor With Dauntless Aviation's GroundSchool, you don't need to worry: * Our material is UP TO DATE. No matter what date is listed here in regarding the 'Release date', this date refers to the program itself only. Once you get the program on your device, use the built-in update feature and it will connect to our servers and download the latest and greatest version of the test prep content and our explanations that we have available. To learn more about this, please visit our website. * We pride ourselves on the quality of our explanations. This is not some idle boast - our explanations are more detailed and more illustrated than that of ANY other FAA knowledge test provider, period. * Tens of thousands of people have used our products to prepare for their FAA knowledge tests. Ours is a system that works. Fundamentals of Instruction? Yes! This software will prepare you for the FAA Fundamentals of Insruction (FoI) exam that is required of most flight and ground instructor candidates. You do not need to buy this software 'twice' if you want to study for the FOI and another test, for example, the FIA Flight Instructor Airplane. Rather, you can switch through the included tests as often and as much as you'd like. Military Competence Instructor? Yes! This software will prepare you for the MCI military competence instructor test that is required to convert US military flight instructing experience into FAA instructor ratings. What you need to do is select the MCI test within the software and then go to take the test. For details on this test, please visit our website. Good luck on your test!



  • Great App!!!

    By adSlon
    Helped me alot on my instrument rating test, doing my CFI right now using this app it helps alot!!!! My recommendation is to get your self full package if you starting from private and going for ATPL!!!
  • Not impressed

    By DFW rental
    Many simple questions repeated, and yet entire subject areas were missing from the material. Not sufficient as a sole source of preparation, and for the price it should be.
  • FAA Knowledge Test

    By Rhino9911
    This app is an excellent study tool. I would recommend it to any!!!!
  • Great way to prepare

    By 10-oh
    I just completed my Commercial rating and it was made easier thanks to this app. Also used it on the CFI FOI test so far too. I studied using the ASA books, and that was a great thorough study, but then added a few rounds of this app to prepare for the written. I got a score in the 90's with no problem. I really like the question stacks and the ability to get immediate explanations configured to display either all the time, or only when you get one wrong. It's a great package. I didn't really use the check ride prep one much, but I should before my CFI. For my CFI FOI test today and scored in the mid 90's as well, so you can bet I'll be using this for the FIA test as well.
  • Great App

    By 456cl
    Overall a great app to help prepare for both ground and flight instructors. Helpful for both initial and CFI renewal too.
  • Incorrect answers persist

    By Feynman Reader
    Overall this app can help you prepare for the test, but I think that the Gleim books are superior for accuracy. There are incorrect answers throughout which persist that should be fixed. For example: One question asks about the forces in a steady-state climb. The answer given in the app is that the lift forces are greater than the weight forces. This is obviously incorrect since the aircraft is not accelerating upward but just in a steady climb. This is explained clearly in the aeronautical information manual. Most pilots I know score somewhere in the 70s on the test. Therefore every answer must be accurate.
  • Great app for this! Not so great people.

    By Raptor!
    These guys went through a lot of work to ensure our success. I scored 98% on the FOI the other day. I also scored 92% on the FIA, and 91% on the AGI. I LOVE being able to study on my mobile device. The reason for a low rating is because of their horrendous customer service. If you question anything in their database, they will take offense rather than explain. They are slow to respond and offer no contact via phone. Dauntless, you have a great program going. Please fix your poor service.
  • Best app I found for CFI Knowledge Test

    By MartyBalt
    I had used a competitor's web only product for my Commercial a couple years back and wanted something I could use offline for CFI. After buying a competitor's iPad app and realizing it was quite basic (read limited) a buddy told me about Dauntless. He had used Dauntless for Commercial/CFI/ATP and raved about it. After using it myself I was really impressed. The explanation for the answer to each question is very complete. The reason for the answer is very completely presented including the reference to the appropriate FAA text or rule, the steps to reach the solution etc. As a bonus, the presentation is in color which makes the whole process a bit easier. Highly recommended.
  • Great study guide

    By Khelmar
    These apps are great as study guides. The only things they're missing are a virtual exam mode (while it will quiz you, it's not a replica of the real exam) and the ability to get a sign off. The study progress website that's part of the package is a real hidden gem - if you take enough practice tests, it will show you exactly where your strengths and weaknesses are.
  • Great app!

    By N6407B
    I recommend this app to everyone who is studying for knowledge exams.