FiLMiC Pro

FiLMiC Pro

By FiLMiC Inc

  • Category: Photo & Video
  • Release Date: 2011-05-15
  • Current Version: 6.4.7
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 78.73 MB
  • Developer: FiLMiC Inc
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
Score: 3.5
From 1,960 Ratings


FiLMiC Pro v6 is the most advanced video camera for mobile. Ever. FiLMiC Pro has been enhanced with cutting-edge capabilities and the most responsive manual camera interface available on an iPhone, iPod or iPad. A multi-time iOS Video Camera App of the Year, FiLMiC Pro has been used in more high profile video projects than any other video app. Accolades to Date: Best Video Camera App - Best App Ever Awards Best Video Camera App - TUAW, Editors Pick Best App Ever finalist - Tap! Magazine Gizmodo Essential App 5 Stars, Editors Review, App of the Week: Editors Choice - Wired, Film Riot, Macworld v6 continues this tradition by providing filmmakers, newscasters, teachers, vloggers, artists and musicians with the capability to shoot in a true LOG gamma curve. LOG allows for greater tonal range and flexibility in post production setting the iPhone’s capabilities on par with camera equipment costing thousands more. † v6 Banner Features: •Dual arc slider controls for adjusting focus and exposure. •Live analytics suite including Zebra Stripes, Clipping, False Color and Focus Peaking. (A8 processor devices and newer) • Ramped zoom rocker control. • Waveform monitor including in tri-mode histogram. • White balance adjustment matrix with predefined and custom presets. • Content Management System for project file naming. • FiLMiC Sync integration to store preset data in the cloud and share between devices. • Clip favoriting. • Batch upload to supported share targets. • Gamma curve controls for Natural, Dynamic, Flat and LOG. † • Live shadow and highlight adjustments. † • Live RGB, saturation and vibrance adjustments. † • Temporal noise reduction up to 1080p resolution. † († Available with optional purchase for iPhone SE, 6s/6s+, 7/7+, 8/8+, X and iPad Pro 9.7 and 10.5 only) Foundation Features: • Standard, manual and hybrid shooting modes. A shooting style for any skill level. • Apple Watch support for remote start/stop and live video preview. • Portrait (vertical) and landscape shooting orientations. • Variable speed zoom. • Sync audio frame rates of 24, 25, 30, 48* 50* and 60* fps. (* iPhone 6 and 6s series only). • High speed frame rates of 60,120,240 fps (hardware dependent). • Slow and fast motion FX options. • Configurable time lapse Recording. • Tri-mode histogram, including waveform monitor. (A7 processor devices and newer) • Adjust video settings after capture (Exposure, contrast, saturation, tint, color temperature). • Downsampling to multiple size/resolutions. • Customizable saved personal presets. • Aspect ratio framing guide overlays. • Thirds guide for dynamic composition. • Image stabilization. • Support for FiLMiC Remote. FiLMiC Remote allows you to control an iOS device running FiLMiC Pro with a second device running FiLMiC Remote. Full manual controls with pull capabilities for: Exposure-ISO-Shutter Speed-Focus-Zoom Up to a dozen different resolutions and aspect ratios including: • HD Widescreen (16:9) • Cinerama (2.59:1) • Super 35 (2.39:1) • Letterbox (2.20:1) • Digital Cinema Initiative (17:9) • Standard Definition (4:3) • Ultra Panavision (2.76:1) • Square (1:1) Share your video through any iOS share-capable apps like: Facebook, DropBox, Vimeo, SanDisk iXpand, FTP 4 Flexible encoding options to balance between quality and file size: • FiLMiC Extreme (offers 50mbps encoding at 1080p) • FiLMiC Quality • Apple Standard • Economy 3rd Party Hardware Support: • Moondog Labs Anamorphic Adapter (2.40:1) • 35mm lens adapters • DJI OSMO Mobile handheld motorized gimbal. Manually control focus/exposure/reticles/record from your DJI OSMO Mobile. Advanced Audio Features: • Multiple audio formats - AAC, AIFF or PCM • Auto-sensing audio sampling • Auto-sensing headphone monitoring • Dynamic audio meter • Adjustable audio gain • Stereo recording support • Support for external microphone levels • Variable microphone positions ***Not all features available on older devices.



  • I’ve ditched my dslr for this app.

    By Steven I. Toth
    Lets take it from the top down. The manual control is over the top awesome. Any other major manufacturer would’ve charged you top dollar for those available features. Not only you have to by one of the full frame DSLR’s but the higher end of it to even try to match up. There are occasional freezing on my iPhone X. But this thing is so handy I’ve found myself completely ditching my Nikon DSLR to record movies and strictly taking pictures with it. On that note. Don’t fool yourself. Without some sort of stabilizing you are limiting yourself. The usable footage will be decimated. So keep that in mind. Occasional freezes and files being corrupted/ not possible to save. This is an issue. If you are shooting important material. You better double check right on the spot. The issue with support far as I understand clicking on the support page a Chinese site pops up. Which is completely not acceptable. If that is your thing. It doesn’t bother me. Just restart and handle your business. Your files will be good looking if you know what you are doing. If you don’t that practice practice practice. And finally for the developers. Fix the freezing issue. Sh*t is annoying. Manual settings has to be more subtle. Perhaps provide more pre-set color settings for the newbies. . 60fps settings freezing or not available at higher resolutions. Get that asap. Cookie crumbles: Broadcasting via wifi to another device like an iPad display would be great. Create a secondary user interface to split controls. Record up to cloud. With that this app would be the Space X of all recorder apps.
  • I want to rate higher, but...

    By jmprod
    This app really is great, no doubt. THE GOOD: I can shoot cinematic 4k from the device in my pocket (iPhone 7). I’d love to get the Moondog Anamorphic lens since there is a built in desqueezer for live monitoring a corrected image (plus the ND filter so I can have 1/48th shutter outdoors during a sunny day). False color is amazing for getting great exposure without a light meter, and the cinematographer’s kit is nice to try and squeeze a couple more stops of exposure. It’s noisy of course in LOG, but a simple denoiser and a good LUT gives you great results (and the natural setting tends to do the job just fine as well). And it’s rounded out with great framerate choices, 3 different waveforms, and support for several third party devices/apps.* THE BAD: Not sure what’s going on with my “locked” exposure. I set my ISO and shutter, only to find that moving the camera to and away from a bright light source or very dark area noticeably changes the overall exposure. I don’t notice it when the scene is mostly dark or bright, but when it’s split (a dark bedroom with blinds half open during the day in my example). This is really bad, considering the main appeal for this app has always been manual control over the exposure and framerate. I feel this was the case on my previous 5s, but it feels worse now and more frequent. It seems like the app doesn’t effectively turn off the phone’s control over the camera and image processing, and is possibly wrestling with it. The phone isn’t always subdued and gets away with tweaks to the final image. My other complaint is that the autofocus can be a bit slow, but that’s less of a problem for my usage. Other small problems include the app freezing when I view a clip full screen and try to export from there (instead I have to go back to the list of clips and use the select tool and then I can export no problem) or crashing when trying to save a clip with post color effects. 4k LOG mode tends to heat my phone up after a little while and cause stuttering while filming, reducing performance as the iPhone’s throttling kicks in. This probably wouldn’t be an issue if I didn’t live in warm Southern California. If there is an existing solution to this exposure problem, I haven’t seen it yet. Filmic Pro is great and I hate to see a core part of it’s strength weakened. *I’d love to see an alternate sharing option to add to it’s already robust selection. Namely, an option to download the media through a URL on a private network. This was used on the now abandoned HEx (cam) app and made downloading directly to my PC a convenient alternative to iCloud/Dropbox (especially with my fast router and slow internet). For now I use iTunes and the App Sharing method on my old Macbook Pro to put it on a drive and then connect that to my PC. Also, LUTs that I can use while shooting, hopefully tailor made for Filmic Pro’s LOG mode.
  • Seriously....

    By Def3rc
    Can't edit videos in app without it crashing on my iPhone 7.. extremely frustrating after shelling out 20 dollars for a broken app
  • Great app but with bugs

    By JeeperJ
    The app is amazing for filming! Do understand though that your original purchase does not unlock every feature and an additional purchase has to be made for that. With that said, what you get makes the stock iPhone camera app (and footage) look like a joke. I have 0 experience with filming but recently was asked to start a YouTube channel at work and I have utilized this app. As far as the bugs, it has an issue going from portrait to landscape mode. It will show random thumbnails for videos that are not related to the video at all, and it won’t allow me to click on any buttons in video reviews. Normally backing out of the app and clearing it out of the running apps fixes it. But then I have to reset my color profiles and such. The app is up to date and my iPhone 8 is up to date.
  • Lots of corrupted videos after latest update

    By Izzy2322333
    Having massive issues since the last update: - 50% of my videos are either corrupted at the end or from the get go. - Enabling DJI Osmo Mobile hardware sometimes puts the app in Anamorphic mode. - Sometimes the video is sideways
  • Please increase the Zoom

    By Lemont_hill
    Please increase the Zoom to 65X please thanks
  • Awesome App to Get The Most Out Of Your Cam

    By Southbound30
    But, I can’t get large video files from my phone to PC for editing, I don’t think it’s an app issue but more of a iphone issue, but worth the purchase, I’m sure I’ll figure it out soon, update:figured it out have
  • Missing 23.98 and 1st use destroyed my footage

    By kidtreo
    I’m a professional TV / Feature Film cinematographer who took a chance using iPhone 7+ (following best practices with 100gb space free) to capture b-roll of an interview, and my 1st use if of this app yielded a couple (unfortunately essential) clips of footage at TWELVE frames per second. The company’s support was very nice and responsive but ultimately of no help as they could not fix or even determine cause of issue. So in summary, my footage was ruined, and also this app does not offer PRO frame rate of 23.98 drop frame to match other actual pro cameras (which is essential) and seems to be offered by a different $100 app (unconfirmed) which I now regret not trying. Also focus assist could be better as shots That read sharp were a bit outside of DOF. All in all, iPhones don’t seem ready to be reliable professional on set tools yet. Will wait another year or two and see where things are at. Not hating this company specifically - they’re very nice - the tech is still simply too young I think.
  • OK

    By Phecko
    Good camera.
  • Buy the bundle

    By Jttrevino32
    I’m actually very upset because I didn’t understand that I needed to purchase additional apps in order to get what I thought was standard in the main app. If i would have known, I would have bought the bundle and saved some money.