By R.L.M. Software

  • Category: Finance
  • Release Date: 2013-05-01
  • Current Version: 3.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 16.35 MB
  • Developer: R.L.M. Software
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.


The RLM-17BX calculator application is a extensive set of menus and enhancements builded over a modified simulation of the real HP-17BII and HP-19BII Business Consultant calculators by Hewlett Packard with more functions than the real one in a beautiful high definition interface. The RLM-17BX works in the same way of the real calculator. But, more functionalities were added, some were modified and others deleted in order to offer a calculator with the best user experience in the modern iOS devices. Scientific & Math functionality: - Angles & Polar: Angular conversions units ‘from’ or ’to' Deg, Rad, Grad, degree-minute-second and % slope. - Complete set of common scientific functions (Trig., Hyp, Log, etc.) - Complex Math: Operations and functions with complex numbers stack. - Curve Fitting: six regression models to fit a curve over a two selected data-lists. - One and two variables statistics. - Probability Distributions: Normal, t-Student, Exponential & Weibull distributions. - Triangle solution for ASA, SAS, SSA & SSS data. - Units Conversion: Adds a powerful and completely customizable physical units conversion. - Units Editor: Add, delete, edit and order the units and categories. Financial & Business functinality: - Black-Scholes OVM: Calculates “Call” & “Put” options prices of European Options. - Bonds Price & Yield: with Annual or Semiannual coupons and Actual or 30/360 calendars. - Cash Flows Calculations: Calculates NPV,i%,IRR%,NFV,MIRR, NUS, etc. over cash flows series. - Cash Flows Editor: Create, Edit, Save & Load cash flows series. - Currency Exchange: All world currencies with actual online rates from google finance. - Depreciation with DB, SOYD or SL methods. - Interest conversion with effective rate comparison for up to three nominal rates. - Margins & Break-Even: calculate business margins and production break-even over all variables. - Percent Change and Percent Total. - TVM calculations: “Time Value of Money” problems for loans, amortizations, mortgages, etc. - Tip & Bill Split: Calculates tips over a bill and split the total amount over participants. Other General functionality: - Data-List Editor to create, edit, save & load data values for CFLO and SUM calculations. - Date & Time: Perform calculations over date and time variables. - Equation Solver for any variable given the others. - Memory Content: View All with Backup & Restore through text emails. - Settings: Customize many settings, including formats, sounds, interface, etc. - Help Documents: A complete set of short documents with examples of all menus. System requirements: iOS 10.0 or above. Disclaimer: THIS IS NOT A HEWLETT PACKARD CALCULATOR, AND IS NOT SPONSORED IN ANYWAY BY HEWLETT PACKARD OR ANY OF ITS SUBSIDIARIES.



  • January 29th update is great!

    By MR64
    Looks better on iPhone X , although could use a bit more of the screen space, and I appreciate the fact it launches smoothly with the color scheme of the original HP calculator. Overall a great calculator, recommended for finance professionals.
  • Best financial calculator EVER!

    By LukeMadden
    I am a Financial Advisor and constantly perform TVM calculations as a part of my daily routine. This app makes that task so fast, easy, and shareable. And allowing RPN is so helpful! I wouldn't have bought it without it. The amortization tables are very nicely presented - that can be tough to present clearly on a large screen. And I love the ability to perform IRR calculations on an irregular stream of cashflows is so easy to input and then ... (should you be so inclined) iterate alternatives. Confession: I've been using Calc-12E for ten years and could just kick myself for not trying this app sooner! To the developer: Thank you! Very well done!!! I'd have paid a many times the price you charge for this app. It's fantastic! To the prospective customer: this app comes HIGHLY recommended! You won't be disappointed!
  • Now fixed!

    By Idbound
    Working great. I have recommended it to my fellow loan officers.