Gourmet Mobile

Gourmet Mobile

By Mariner Software

  • Category: Food & Drink
  • Release Date: 2013-10-21
  • Current Version: 1.1.2
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 21.61 MB
  • Developer: Mariner Software
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 6.0 or later.
Score: 2.5
From 171 Ratings


***(FEELS LIKE) SUMMER SAVINGS - ENDS THIS WEEKEND!!*** Completely overhauled, Gourmet Mobile is now a UNIVERSAL app, optimized for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad devices. You can add, edit, scale and import recipes...even when you’re away from your Mac. But, will it sync? Absolutely! Use your FREE Mariner Cloud cloud to sync from MacGourmet Deluxe 4. Sync Recipes, Shopping Lists, Wine Notes, Cooking Notes and My Lists. The best part is that syncing is now two-way and incremental. Add a recipe or make a simple edit on your Mac and sync just those additions or changes to your iOS device. Make a change, scale a recipe, or import a new recipe to your iOS device and sync it to your Mac. Simply put - it works both ways. We know how cooks love to share. With the cloud syncing of Gourmet Mobile, you can sync with other Macs and iOS devices. No Mac app? No problem You don’t need to have MacGourmet or MacGourmet Deluxe to use all the features of Gourmet Mobile. Find a recipe on the web and easily import it. When you’re shopping and you find that two more are joining you for dinner - don’t worry! You can scale a recipe for the number you need and then go back to the original setting. You can create shopping lists and make and edit notes. In short, you can carry your digital recipe box around with you wherever you go. Whether you are a foodie or a professional chef, Gourmet Mobile is the perfect app to help you manage and share your recipes! Other features of Gourmet Mobile include: • New UI look including themes and colors • Change font size • Adding steps to a recipe is optional • UPC scanner support • Social media sharing (pending) through Facebook and Twitter • Edit an Item, Amount, Units, and Aisles of a Shopping List • Use the Chef’s View for undistracted cooking • Email or Chat a recipe to a friend • Search the web for a new recipe and import it to add to your collection **Note: Your initial sync will sync ALL the recipes in your database to or from your device. This can be a lot of data, especially if your recipes and notes have photos. Subsequent syncs will go much faster, as they sync only the items that have changed. For your initial sync, we recommend disabling the auto lock on your device temporarily, and letting the sync complete overnight, or at another time when you are not using your device. ***Gourmet Mobile is only compatible with MacGourmet Deluxe 4.



  • Out of Sync

    By Hard2Satisfy
    I really love the app, but wish syncing worked. I share the app with my wife and we both have it on our phones and laptops. Unfortunately, my phone shows that I have 698 recipes and my laptop shows I have nearly 1000. When I sync, new recipes imported via my phone appear on my laptop, but not vice versa. Ugh.
  • Helpful but not

    By Squishypie
    Don't pay for this app, or wait until it goes on sale. It still needs so much work. And I’ve been using some form of MacGourmet since near the beginning, so years. The phone app doesn't sync every recipe off the cloud. I'll be at the store, go to find a recipe and it's not there. Even after syncing from my Mac multiple times. Can't delete shopping lists so they pile up and you have to wade through hundreds to find the one you need. The meal planner isn't on your phone app at all which is so not helpful. It's only a helpful app to look up a recipe, if it's there. Could be a great companion app but it's still not after all this time. Sigh, wish it were. Update: I’m done, I’m outta here. Got a new iMac, did the migration thing, and everything was messed up. So I sync’ed; that made everything ten times worse. Imported an export and bam, its an utter train wreck. Contacted tech support and someone did respond but he stopped responding and was of zero help. It’s like he didn’t even read what my issues were. I tried contacting support in several other ways to no avail. I’m being ignored. The iMac app is losing functionality not gaining; it’s going backwards. Constant crashing, fewer and fewer sites to clip from. It’s pathetic. I’ve wasted hours upon hours upon hours of mindlessness trying to fix things and this isn’t the first time I’ve run into headaches with all this and their useless “support.” They clearly don’t care about this product line in the least. Don’t buy the iMac app. Don’t get the phone app. You’ll waste your life dealing with all its hassles and that’s stupid.
  • Ok but missing menu view

    By Gadwall
    I’ll second another reviewer. It really needs to have the ability to look at the menu planner and open recipes from that meals. I use an old iPad in the kitchen to display recipes while I cook. For years I’d just print them them to pdf and view them on the iPad or just print them out on paper. I was hoping to cut that step out of the process and just pull up my meal with the associated recipes and switch between them while making the dishes. Gourmet makes me search for each recipe each time I want to check a step in a different recipe. lt’s not easy to flip back and forth. I have about 2,000 recipes so if I don’t remember the exact recipe name I still have to dig through the search results. Basically it ruins my cooking rhythm so I’ll be sticking with pdf or paper. If I’m doing a single recipe Gourmet is easy to read and use. I also like the shopping list sync. In all fairness, I just migrated to MacGourmet after I think 15 years (at least judging by my oldest backups) with TheRecipeManager and only bought this app as an afterthought.
  • Beautiful, functional, but missing a needed feature

    By TurtleJogger
    I have used MacGourmet for years but have recently (6 months ago) replaced it with Paprika. MacGourmet is the app I want to love. It is beautiful, functional, customizable, except it lacks one important feature. I cannot check on my phone for what meal I have planned for tonight. I have a busy household. I don't want to go run to my Mac to see what I had planned for dinner tonight (and if the kids have eaten the ingredients). Now MacGourmet obviously won't tell me what the kids have eaten, but a simple menu screen on the iPhone would let me take it from there. From what I've heard, someone bought MacGourmet and is now just riding on the developer's coat-tails. No enhancements, just same-old app. I'm sorry to leave MacGourmet, but that one feature is a must. Too bad. MacGourmet's presentation is much better than Paprika, but Paprika imports recipes more easily and the no-menu planner on the iPhone app is a deal breaker. 😔 I'll keep an eye to see if I can come back. As I said, I WANT to love this app, but I need an accessible menu planner function.
  • App Crashes and not useful unless you have desktop version also

    By GreenIsGreat
    I was researching recipe and meal planning software for my family. I downloaded this app and the desktop trial. The iPad app crashes often and is useless unless you sync it to a desktop version. Disappointing and made my decision easy. I'm going with Cook'n or Recipe Manager definitely not wasting more time with this app.
  • Have loved this app for a long time

    By AmyTX
    I have been using this app for at least 6 years and it's been essential for having recipes with me at all times, sharing recipes, meal planning, remembering which recipes are a family member's favorite or seasonal for a particular month (using key words to tag recipes)... it's made eating well way more convenient than when I was using Evernote for this purpose. I sync with the cloud - I used after wi-fi syncing for years but this is far easier. I took away a star for the time when I had duplicates but that took about 30 minutes of troubleshooting and I still think this app was worth that hiccup.
  • In my opinion the best recipe app out there...

    By bruna831
    I LOVE this app and happen to think it is one of the best and most reliable, easy to use recipe apps out there. I have 700+ recipes with Gourmet Mobile/MacGourmet. I add recipes a few times each week, either in my laptop or any one of my 3 mobile devices. As I travel a lot, and live between different homes and a boat, my recipes are always with me which makes my life really easy. The format is great (it offers several different ways to print or view). You can email a recipe straight from your app and recipes look professional. I have not mastered the nutritional portion but I have not put any effort into it either. I use my Mac Book Pro Laptop as the base, and back it up to an external drive. I've only had a crash once many years ago and that was in the early days and because I had my backup the company walked me thru getting my recipes installed in a newer version. I started using MacGourmet when it was just a startup, used to be able to speak directly to the developer before you could sync via Wifi between devices...in the early Palm device days. I have 200+ recipes of my Mom & Dad's. I have created and printed cookbooks (nothing fancy) from the app and given them as gifts to family and friends by having created categories like "Mark's Favorite", Mom and Dad, etc. I am vegan but my family is not, so being able to segregate the recipes is an awesome help. It searches easily by words, ingredients, not just keywords. Sometimes I input recipes in my iPads or my iPhone. Syncing is amazing, not sure how it does it but it captures the recipes perfectly. You have to learn the app but it is easy. The input is also easy to cut and paste on the mobile devices, as are photographs of your recipes that you take a screen shot off the internet and then paste in from your camera file. I sync easily between all my devices (2 iPads, iPhone, and my MacBook Pro- doesn't matter which one I input the recipe to first). I keep my software current on all my devices and think that is a big part of the software working great. Buy it, learn it, if you are a real recipe collector and cook, you will love it. The fact that I have been using this app for what is close to 30 years should tell you something right there.
  • Can't download recipes any longer. Support disappeared.

    By 3for3
    Good luck trying to get a response from support. I've used this program for over 10 years. It used to be great. Now won't download recipes from any website. I've tried Bon Appetit, cooks illustrated, ny times and many others. 5 emails to support go unanswered. Is the company folding? Do not buy this product. May 2017 update - I finally reached someone at the company after an email threatening to leave a BBB complaint. They said they don't have enough support staff to correct the download problem. Evidently it pertains to flash websites(essentially all of them) At first they said it would be fixed by July. Then they changed it to late fall. Don't hold your breath that's what I was told two years ago.
  • Crashes

    By LoreListener
    It is ok for looking at recipes but it crashes when I try and make a shopping list.
  • Don't like

    By Lore132
    I love MacGourmet on my Mac but this app won't register my email address so I cannot sync recipes. Just wasted $2.