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  • Release Date: 2014-02-10
  • Current Version: 3.0.0
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • File Size: 21.11 MB
  • Developer: Hydreon Corporation
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
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Lifeboat+ is a companion app for the game Minecraft: Pocket Edition. Lifeboat servers allow Minecraft: Pocket Edition players to compete in multi-player tournaments. Owners of the Lifeboat+ app can see their statistics in these tournaments, and unlock additional functionality. App Features: - Individual statistics and leaderboards - Upgrades page allows for extension of the game - Get help with how to use the Lifeboat servers - Manage your account - View a server list to play with your friends



  • I love it and hate it

    By Aye you I saw that
    It always logs me out of the server I can’t play a single complete game. Hackers are allowed to just cheat that’s annoying. Also where the hell are kits for survival games tf?? I paid for that stupid kit. Fix this and maybe I’ll start to enjoy the game again

    By gyozagirl
    *developer must see!* So me and my friend wanted to play mc together today (3/3/18)and we wanted the accs for mc.we TRIED to make a acc but when we hit register,it just said :"there is no registering Lb accounts,u must do so thr...".and that's all it gave us,it wouldn't even let us continue.just that.also,why so money hungry,WE ARE ALL KIDS!

    By SaltyCrackers14
    I’m only writing this hoping for a developer response. Whenever I try to make an account it says that I have to make an account through... And just gets cut off there. Please help!! Also, I can’t make an Xbox Live account so now I can’t play on servers which, in my opinion, is the best part of Minecraft.
  • I don't know why

    By I hope you do
    I remember for when we didn’t need xBox live to play, and nobody is using the chat.. Why? WHAT DID YOU PEOPLE DO TO THE SERVERS WE ALL KNOW AND LOVE!?
  • Gone to far..

    By KatluvKatm8
    Why did you delete Hot Rock? It was my favorite game on the Lifeboat Server and you guys delete it. Why did you do it? Please tell me why. Also, there is still lag and glitches. Please bring back Hot Rock and fix the lag and glitch.
  • A small but important feature you should add.

    By dP#11
    You should add a report button on someone’s profile because sometimes for me the /hacker command doesn’t work so you go on the app to report and there is no button for report. A hacker username is StonePie7351718. The command didn’t word and there is no report button on the app. The button should word just like the command. add this feature just in case.
  • Bad cheating/hacking sistem

    By TerryRobutt
    Thanks for taking of the daily play time its great now but it always keeps kicking me and my friend out of hot rock alot. And ONLY when were holding the rock then we get back in and when I wait for her at the lobby it says that im cheating and it kicks me out, this not only in hotrock but ALL the games (just MOSTLY hotrock). And I've seen way more hackers in lifeboat than ever too.

    By Stank doodie
    why do you have to be like: oh! Sorry but you non-vips are nothing but trash because they won’t buy our stuff that’s nothing but CHEAP! and also: OH! SORRY YOU CANT USE OUR NEW EXTREMELY COOL STUFF BECAUSE YOUR A NON-VIP! AND ALSO WE JUST WANT MONEY!!! so earth to lifeboat creators: I WANT FREEDOM TO ALL PLAYERS ABOVE THE SERVER AND BELOW! Also bring the original OP kits back. But if you don’t do this and bring back the old freedom (except the landscape) I’ll SUE your company for making players angry frustrating players and making players MAD for stuff like: paying them far too much....
  • Purchase Button??

    By AsheyPretty
    I want to get the VIP for Survival Games, and it’s said that purchases don’t happen in the app anymore. There is meant to be a “button” somewhere on the screen to make the purchase, but apparently, I can’t find it. I don’t know if this is a trick or something, but the older version of the app was way much easier to go through. I could make my purchases really quick back then, but now that we can’t purchase anything through the app anymore, I can’t purchase what I want to get. If you guys can please put the purchasing back into the app, that would really help a lot. This newer version is really confusing to me, and I get frustrated because of it. Thanks
  • Ranks for all Servers

    By Kaylaaa👼🏼✨🌧
    I have to admit, LifeBoat is my favorite server! I honestly love it so much. But, there is just one problem. There is a new upgrade where you can choose to see if you actually like the GOAT rank or not and if you are willing to buy it. Well, I’ve had GOAT for a long time. It’s my favorite rank and it’s a life saver. But, my GOAT rank disappeared recently. I went to go check on my LifeBoat account on the LifeBoat and I tapped upgrades. It showed I didn’t have the GOAT rank. It also said purchases take place through the Minecraft app. So I went there, and since I was freaking out a bit (😂) I bought the 10 day GOAT rank. I went on the LifeBoat store. My problem starts here. I want the rank for all the servers, and I’m positive other people want that too. What I mean is, you can get GOAT for 30 days, and then have to pay for it again? After 30 days? And there is only VIP for capture the flag separately, same for Bounty Hunter and zombie apocalypse. I would love to have the possibility to have the GOAT rank for all servers and have the rank for a long time! I would love to play survival games, capture the flag, bounty hunter, skywars, bedwars, etc... with my GOAT rank included in all the games. I’ve been a LifeBoat player since June 15, 2017 and I know that I love LifeBoat a lot but please change the problem! I would give five stars, just not right now. - IshAriana (mcpe username)