The Pit Pal BBQ App

The Pit Pal BBQ App

By Brian Munter

  • Category: Food & Drink
  • Release Date: 2014-04-11
  • Current Version: 1.7
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 14.11 MB
  • Developer: Brian Munter
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 6.0 or later.
Score: 4
From 68 Ratings


As seen in USA Today and on WGN News! "One of the 10 best apps for Dad" - USA Today "Top Apps for the perfect Memorial Day BBQ" - WGN News "Top 7 most popular BBQ apps for iOS" - BBQ Tool Belt "5 Apps to Make You a BBQ Master" - The Pit Pal is an all-inclusive BBQ app for your mobile device and is now available for iOS devices! It was built with the end goal of being able to help produce more consistent BBQ for backyard cooks, competitors, as well as caterers and restaurateurs. The Pit Pal BBQ app enables more consistent BBQ through the use of historical tracking of cooks taking into account common BBQ variables such as the temperature and duration of the cook, or the sauce/rub combination, or even the type of wood used or the weather at the time of the cook. Tracking these variables allows the pit master to look back at previous cooks and continue to cook and tweak variables until the perfect combination is hit. And then have the data to replicate that combination at any time. This is a technique that teams on the BBQ competition circuit have been using for years only with a pen & paper or manual spreadsheets. The intent of The Pit Pal is to take this technique, leverage technology to improve on it, and help people with a passion for BBQ produce great food. Features include: • Easy to use interface for entering your cook and food details. • Quick notes for one-click entry of common events such as mopping, adding coal, adding wood, saucing, foiling, etc. (just tap the image on the cook screen) • Ability to track history for multiple foods during a cook. • Save photos to cooks and attach automatically to cook history for easy reference. • Add temperatures for your cook and track via easy to read charts and graphs. (requires Pit Pal Pro add-on) • Cook & food notifications for time & temperature. • Ability to add detailed notes to your cook stored in a cook archive. * Direct integration with the BBQ Guru CyberQ WIFI (Not CyberQ Cloud) and Stoker WIFI * • View your smoker and food temperatures real time direct from you iOS device. • Temperature notifications letting you know if your temps have exceeded a threshold. • Track and graph your temperatures to see exactly what is happening on your cook. • Ability to track and alert temperature even while your device is asleep! (Requires Pit Pal Pro add-on) • Direct access to the CyberQ WiFi & Stoker web console from the app.



  • Great app but doesn’t support cyber q cloud

    By BeastBrew
    Love the app and wish I could use it myself but I have a CyberQ Cloud not WiFi so it’s not compatible. Look forward to an update where that’s an option.
  • Doesn’t work with stoker

    By Jda098753
    I set it all up, tested connection and it said it was successful. But it won’t display any temperatures or anything. Just won’t work for me. If I can get it to work I’ll come back and update my rating.
  • No good for Cyber Cloud

    By 29skidoo
    Unable to get app to communicate with controller in any mode.
  • Must have add-on for BBQ Guru CyberQ

    By Ravnwood
    This app is a must have for the CyberQ. I sleep so much better at night knowing that The Pit Pal is keeping an eye on my smoke. Set the temps for the food and pit, set some min/max temperature alarms, and get a good nights sleep. Anything goes wrong and I get an alert. It's a bit advanced to set up, but there are plenty of web tutorials to help you out. Highly recommend this app.
  • Must have if your Smoker is supported

    By DustinDonaldson
    So cool to see someone who knows BBQ write an app!!! I have never been more impressed with a 2 dollar app. I do not work for them, I just bought the app along with my new guru and set it up last minute. If you bought a guru, this is the app. Don't even read farther, just get it. Why? It asks you all about the cook and stores it. You can enter meat, weather, rub and sauce details, even free form notes. During the cook, press on the cooker or the meat and select the very cool drop downs and tell it what you just did. I.e. Added wood, added charcoal, added water, applied more rub.. The app puts this info into the chronological cook log, and builds a timeline. You can go back and see that you checked the fire at 3am. It stores exactly what you did, including other app changes you might make such as target temp settings. Pit and temp charts are great. Could not be happier. Cyberq tips: the cyber iq is its own wifi hotspot. You can connect your phone (the pit pal app) directly to it. Handy if your cook is in the middle of the woods and you don't have internet or wifi. Cyber q Menus are intuitive but The setup was a bit challenging if you want to control over the internet. Easy for hotspot and home wifi. The challenging internet setup is not their fault. Port forwarding isn't easy and working anything over the internet is a stretch goal and not required. Once connected to wifi, use the web or app interface for configuring, not the device screen. If you want to set up internet control, and have a separate cable modem, Remember to port forward on your (netgear) router and your (Comcast) cable modem. Then test by entering your Comcast router ip as the address of the guru in the app. Yes, sounds weird, just do it. Here is the procedure: Log into your wifi router, find the ip of your guru. Mark it as static so it doesn't change. Go to advanced settings and port forward this address. enter http or port 80 as the port to forward. Note the "wan" ip of the wifi router. It is not a 192 address. It should be something different like Go to the (Comcast) cable modem - address should be 10.x.x.1 for the admin page Port forward the wan ip of the router - http or port 80 To test, enter the Comcast router as the guru IP address. Yes the Comcast router address. It will forward to the netgear wifi router which will forward to the guru. Then disconnect your phone from wifi and it should connect to the guru and allow you to control and watch it from the cellular internet. No quit messing with network settings and check the fire. Don't forget to log it :)
  • Perfect companion to CyberQ Wifi

    By NOLA_725
    This is exactly what was lacking from the CyberQ. Great app.
  • It does almost everything you need,

    By Big green egg XL+CyberQ
    I like it. It s fairly easy to set up and it has a good interface. Very nice to have the notes from previous cooks etc. YES! I would pay $2 again Things I would like to be added on future updates? I wish Alerts needed to be acknowledged and louder! I think I would sleep through the 3AM one/quick alert. FYI (like an alarm clock) I would like text and or phone call alerts.
  • If You Use A BBQ GURU, This Is Mandatory

    By Lono del Mundo
    Wow! The ease of setting up and monitoring long cooks & smokes while using your BBQ GURU with this app is incredible. This app allows you to easily use all of the functions of your BBQ GURU such as keeping the temperature constant and monitoring all three meat probes. You can change any of the settings on the fly and it gives you a great red out of the temperature curves of all four data sets throughout the cook. I have a 22 inch Weber SMC and the latest BBQ GURU that I use this with. The only thing that keeps me from giving it a full on Five Star Rating is because I still cannot enable a Cloud Server and thus review all of my cooks from multiple devices. I use my iPhone and it saves them all on that device. This very well maybe my issue and not the apps, however. But if it is my issue it should be an easy resolution that I can't figure out...
  • Fantastic app for CyberQ

    By dlegare
    So far I really like this app. I'm currently 5 hours and 35 minutes into my first cook with the CyberQ and Pit Pal. The temperature is holding steady within 5 degrees +/- of my set point. I'm also using port forwarding and cloud function so I can check things while at work an/or running errands. It's all functioning flawlessly so far.
  • Great app with many good features

    By Cate810222222
    I have used this app for three BBQ sessions with the BBQ Guru. I like the alerts feature, ability to view the BBQ Guru web console, notes portion, photos, temp chart features. So me improvements would be on temp chart move legend to top left (it blocks the latest pit temp), allow view charts of other cooks to compare while BBQ'in, update initial cook info after starting.