Feed Baby - Breastfeeding and Baby Connect Tracker

Feed Baby - Breastfeeding and Baby Connect Tracker


  • Category: Medical
  • Release Date: 2014-05-02
  • Current Version: 2.8.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 58.42 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 4,118 Ratings


*** Featured by Apple in "Our Favourites for Apple Watch" (Australia & New Zealand) *** Featured by Apple in the Lifestyle -> Parenting section (Australia & New Zealand) *** *** Featured by Apple in Apple Watch - Family (Australia & New Zealand) *** Feed Baby is the ONLY baby tracking app you'll ever need to track your newborns breastfeedings, diaper changes, pumping and sleeps. Countless new parents track and predict their newborns breastfeedings with Feed Baby, the best baby tracker for your iPhone, iPad and now the Apple Watch. So stop stalling and start tracking your new babys routine today! Track and Monitor your babys Breast Feeds, Diapers, Nappy, Sleeps, Pumpings, Breastfeeding, Journals and Medicines. Record your Babys Bottle and Breast feeds as well as Solid feeds with this Baby Tracker. The premier Baby Tracker for any of your mobile device! Now with great Apple Watch support! Feed Baby is the premier baby tracker for logging your newborns breastfeeds and nursing sessions. You won't ever forget when your newborns last nursing session was, and how long it went for as long as you use this baby feeding tracker app. Feed Baby also allows you to track your Breast Pumps so that you always know exactly how much Breast milk you have pumped with this baby tracking app. Feed Baby includes detailed reports and charts/graphs that allow you to visualize some of your most important data. Feed Baby also includes detailed Timelines that show where during each day each of your baby activities occurred. Feed Baby also allows you to export your data to CSV reports so that you can open these reports in your favourite spreadsheet program on your personal computer for further viewing and generation of custom reports. We focus on a simple and easy to use interface. The big buttons make it easy for tired mums and dads to start or add new records during those sleepless nights! Feed Baby also includes an iOS8 Today Widget that allows you to add up to 5 most commonly used actions to your Notifications. Actions such as starting breast feeds, recording diaper changes, and adding a new pump can be accessed directly from the Notification shade without ever having to open Feed Baby. Now you can get access to your most commonly used actions without even having to open Feed Baby! Includes syncing between any of your mobile devices! Key Features include: - Easily record Breast/Bottle/Solid feeds with a single touch. Recording your Babys feeds has never been so easy! - Easily record your newborns nursing sessions with a single touch. - Easily record Diaper and Nappy changes with a single touch - Easily record Dry Diapers and Dry Nappy with a single touch - Easily start and stop Baby Sleeps with a single touch - Easily record Breast Pumpings with a single touch - Easily record Journals with a single touch - Easily record your Babys Milestones in the Journals screen with a single touch - Easily record Growths (Weight, Height, Head circumference) with a single touch - Easily record Medication Records with a single touch - Easily add/remove Medicines with their own graphics and color schemes - Easily view all of your activities for any given day in the "Today" screen. The Today screen shows all of your Breast Feedings, Diaper changes and all other activities for each day. - Easily view all of your activities broken down by the hour of each day in the "Timeline" screen. The Timeline screen shows where during each the day every single one of your babys activities - Data Export that allows you to view your data on your personal computer for more detailed analysis and custom report generation. - Supports Multiple Babys. Track more than one babys growth easily and simply, and switch between them easily - Device-to-Device Synchronization between any number of devices so that Mom and Dad always knows whats going on! - Charts of some of your most important data



  • Not worth the upgrade

    By Mcjill.jm
    We purchased the upgrade to be able to sync all our devices. The devices did sync at first but not continuously or ever again. I wrote the company as they proclaimed to have great support within 24 hours. I didn’t hear anything back from them.
  • Super easy and convenient

    By rrrrrrrka
    I love this app so far. I had been keeping track in my notes on my phone but not all the things and definitely not as detailed. My only issue is ease of sharing between myself and my sitter.
  • I like it

    By MrWFLS
    Very useful, used friendly tracker everything you need to keep track of with a new born.
  • Great App!

    By Curlys83
    Needed an app to track my babies progress. It’s easy to use and I love the fact I can make notes for every feeding/diaper change in case if I notice anything out of the ordinary to discuss with her doctor.
  • Failed & lost all my data

    By First time mom in 310
    After loving this app & using it religiously for 5 months, one day for no reason it failed & lost all my precious data. I’m so upset, I won’t be using this app anymore. BE WARNED!
  • Eventually makes you pay

    By Lelelasala
    Great app. I have been tracking my breastfeeding. Like the fact that the timer is dark so that when your feeding at night you don’t have a bright screen. After about 2 weeks of use, the app is now making me pay for the original features. I can’t pause my feedings, I can’t edit the time, I can’t even look at the charts for the day. Unfortunately they have forced me to move on to another app to track my breastfeeding.
  • Great app

    By Other apps are better
    I love this app and all of its features to track baby’s life. It helps with having data to keep the pediatrician informed as well as keeping track of feedings so I know when to expect baby to be hungry again. I’d be somewhat lost without this app. It seems silly to track pees and poops, pumps and bottle feedings but it really helps. I only with you could edit the means of feedings instead of just the times and ounces taken. For example, if I select pumping on both sides and then something happens and I cannot do both, I have to delete the record and redo it as just one breast. Or if I log a pee and then baby poops while being changed, I cannot alter the pee. I have to delete the record and re-record it as a pee and poop.
  • Super easy!

    By Nikmarie8484
    Love being able to easily track feedings, continue a paused feeding, and track which side baby is feeding on!
  • Great app for new parents - *add photo feat to notes*

    By Bob1622
    Love this app because my wife and I can both add stuff on our phones and it syncs across our phone. The app has options for pretty much everything the baby does and need. My only gripe is how it syncs between phones, it’s not instant. Oh and it would be cool to be able to add photos to notes, that would be really helpful when trying to show our pediatrician something and give her the time and day.
  • Comprehensive tracker

    By AmyJSnelly
    A friend recommended this app so I downloaded it when I was pregnant and we started using it in the hospital as the nurses wanted to know how long she was nursing at what times and diapers and times, this was perfect. They had a paper you could fill out but this was better. After a while I didn’t need to be so meticulous about it, I was better at remembering what side I last fed on and we were sleeping and changing diapers pretty much on a schedule so I quit using it as frequently around 6-8 weeks. Then she got sick. An 11 month old with the flu, completely heartbreaking. Boom now I am tracking temperatures along with diapers, feedings, meds, even baths. This app was a Godsend. Both me and my husband upgraded and I would pay it all over again. I do wish you could pay per “account” not per device. My mom visited to help and she wasn’t willing to pay to use it for a week, so it was difficult. She had to write things down and I had to enter them later. But that’s really my only complaint. If I could ask for anything I would love a view of the temperature graph overlaid on top of the timeline bar, so I can see what happened after her bath or Tylenol etc.