TomTom GO Mobile

TomTom GO Mobile

By TomTom

  • Category: Navigation
  • Release Date: 2016-03-14
  • Current Version: 1.9.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 257.06 MB
  • Developer: TomTom
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
Score: 2
From 538 Ratings


GET THERE FASTER with the all-new TomTom GO Mobile app >> Drive up to 50 FREE miles every month The new TomTom GO Mobile app is a sleek combination of the latest TomTom car navigation technology and world-class traffic information. You will always have access to the best route available based on accurate, real-time traffic information that gets you to your destination faster, every day. BENEFITS >> Offline navigation you can rely on: No need for an internet connection to plan your route. >> Insanely accurate traffic information: Get highly accurate traffic information, in real-time.* >> Drive more relaxed with safety camera alerts: Join our community of millions of drivers sharing safety camera locations in real-time*. >> See buildings and landmarks in stunning 3D: Know exactly where you are so you never miss a turn. >> Quick access to your favorites: Start driving to your favorite places with a single tap on the map. FREE MILES Download TomTom GO Mobile and drive with the app for a fixed number of free miles every month. Upgrade to Unlimited Navigation to drive without miles restriction. Select a one-year or three-year subscription, depending on your driving needs. NOTICE FOR OWNERS OF THE ORIGINAL NAVIGATION APP The original TomTom Navigation app for iPhone is no longer available for purchase. As an owner of the original app, you will continue to receive updates to the app and the map. For instructions on how to reinstall the app, go to Owners are also entitled to a FREE three-year subscription to the GO Mobile app. Make sure you have the latest version of the original Navigation app installed and go to the shop to redeem your upgrade to the GO Mobile app. For a video tutorial on how to upgrade you can watch FEATURES - World Maps: Install and update maps from around the world at no extra cost.** - TomTom Traffic: Always know where delays are and whether a faster route is available.* - Safety Cameras: Drive more relaxed with safety camera alerts, trusted by millions of TomTom GPS drivers. - Offline Maps: Maps are stored on your device so you don't need internet access or data roaming to plan a route. - Points of Interest: From gas stations to hotels, your app comes pre-loaded with millions of useful POIs. - Navigate to Contacts: Never memorize an address again. Select a contact from your list and the app will plan your route. - Quick search: Find destinations faster with Quick Search. It starts finding locations as soon as you start typing. - Navigate to Copied Addresses: Easily select locations you found on websites or other apps by copying their address and pasting them into Quick Search. - Advanced Lane Guidance: Clearly see which lane to take at key junctions. MORE COMING SOON We continue to introduce new features with each update. For an overview of what we are looking into, go to * These services require a cell phone connection. Your operator may charge you for the data used, and costs may be significantly higher when used abroad. On average, TomTom Services uses less then 10MB per month. Check for availability per country. The question of the legality of services to warn for safety cameras is not clear in Germany. You therefore use this service at your own risk. TomTom does not accept any responsibility for the consequences of use of the service in Germany. For more information please go to ** Data storage constraints may apply. Download 4 or more full updates of any installed map per year. You need a Wi-Fi or cellular data connection to download new maps and updates. Continuous use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. TomTom reserves its right to unilaterally withdraw and/or to amend this offer and/or to amend the terms and conditions.



  • Well played, it’s actually quite Good

    By Kermitsto
    Update October 2017 (Skip down for a response to all of the negative reviews) Alright. My first two reviews are below. I have increased my rating to 5 stars. The app now has all the same features as the old (including waypoints FINALLY) and it even has some things done better. It takes a little getting used to, but once you understand the interface, this is an exceptional gps app. Rarely do I ever have issues, and usually they are easy to figure out. Example, sometimes a highway number will also have a name attached to the road. In some instances, Tom Tom wants the highway number, other times the name. Sort of a pain in the rear, but really, simple enough to sort for anyone with a semi-functional noggin. In my opinion, the interface is better. In my experience, the maps and traffic are usually spot on. I recently went camping in San Mateo county in the redwoods. I was driving all through the California Bay Area on a Friday. We hit some unavoidable traffic, but Tom Tom got us there in 4 hours (usually a 3 hr drive with no traffic) while my friends didn’t get there for 5.5hrs. It routed us all over these back roads but avoided a ton of the mess. *****In regards the negative reviews. ***** First, most people are mad that they thought that for $100 they would have free gps for as long as they lived. Let’s stop to think about this logically for a minute. Generating map data, with points of interest, traffic camera data, etc, takes a lot of man hours. That costs money. Writing an app and keeping it up in an App Store, more money. Maintaining gps satellites (yeah, you thought the government did that, incorrect, google it) costs even more money. These costs used to be offset by selling gps units. Now those are nearly entirely obsolete. So, revenue has to come from somewhere. Moving this to a subscription platform, and including traffic was really the only way to go. Otherwise, Tom tom is out of business... what will your “lifetime” subs be worth then? Tom Tom gives anyone with the old app 3 free years. That’s really fantastic imo. After that, the subscription fee for the service provided is honestly super reasonable. If you are a person who just needs maps now and again, just use Apple maps. It works great. If you’re a person who needs offline maps, or directions regularly, then it probably means you earn a living out of your car, which prob means your self employed, which prob means you can write it off anyway. So, really... come on. The only reason map updates were free with the old app was because Apple forced all updates to be free. This change was a long time coming if you ask me. Tom Tom is not a charity. They are in fact, out to make a profit. My final conclusion, after three reviews (two prior below), give this a real chance. I feel it’s a vast Improvement. Realize the facts of needing to switch to a subscription model, and recognize that the yearly fee is really super reasonable. I mean honestly, skip your latte a day or two each month and it’s paid for. In the words of an 80s television commercial “try it, you’ll like it” *********old reviews below*********** Update - I've revised my rating to 3. I've had more time to use it and get used to the new interface. It has performed well for me so far. There is a little lag from time to time, especially with turns. But, if you pay attention to where you're going, it's not a big deal. Your eyes shouldn't be glued to this screen anyway. A couple issues kept this from a higher rating. The lane help is not as good as it used to be. Especially when you get to a downtown area where there are many on/off ramps and exits. If I didn't know the area, I'm sure I'd have gotten lost with this layout. Second, still not travel via option. The old app, i still use more than the new, because I need to be able to set way points. It's a feature that's sadly missing. I dunno, maybe they thought no one used it. But I used it all the time for work. Fix these issues and you've got a 4-5 star app Original review: Ok. So first, everyone had to see a subscription coming. Apple forces all updates to be free. Yet, Making updated maps for you is not free. I'm fine with that. 3 years free, thank you. And even after three the pricing is reasonable. The issue I have is the travel via option is missing. I would often plot routes with several stops. I can't find that feature anywhere in the new version. That and the interface still seems a bit clunky. But, that may simply be mere exposure effect in full effect. I'll try it out tomorrow, but without the travel via feature, I can't imagine using this for very long.
  • Come on

    By DealerSix
    I also purchased the life Time app and I’m getting hosed again, way to go Tom Tom. Be good to your customers and they will come back but I may just use the free apps on the I-Phone but I will not give you any more of my money.
  • Bluetooth problems

    By Jimbothelube
    If my car is connected to Bluetooth, I get no sound out of the app on the iPhone or car speakers. I must disable Bluetooth to hear directions through the app on my iPhone. The old Tom Tom mobile had a slider switch to choose between iPhone or car speakers via Bluetooth. Go has no such feature.

    By Malliost
    Yes… it looks a little different and, Yes… the user interface is a little different. But it's so much better! Graphics are sharper with real time traffic updates with expected time delay; distance to gas stations ahead (not the one's behind you). Yes… the CANAMEX map is huge; don't use phone data, just wait until you have wifi to download it. I have the old TomTom apps for both NA and Europe (hopefully I get 2 three year free use of the new app). But for $1:50 month… how cheap is that?!
  • Is this a beta???

    By Lavawill
    This is missing many things from the old Tom Tom it looks great but missing major things like a go home button, recents and many other simple things of this sort in order to charge for something and people buy it when there is many very good free options out there one must make it much better than everything else or no one will buy it. I love the old Tom Tom and was willing to pay $12.00 a year for traffic which does work better than googles traffic but don't release something and give me 3 years free on something that is not ready to be released yet. Thank you for the update on the app now get it together before you loss it and go away. A few years later no better!
  • Worse

    By Leonami
    Tom tom U.S.A was much better than GO.
  • Crashes frequently since iOS 11

    By SouthlandHB
    I’m running iOS 11.0.2 and since iOS 11 Tomtom has crashed at startup and randomly. Updates to both the app and maps have slowed down greatly. Not sure why- just that they hardly ever come. This version feels dumbed down as well- it’s lacking features found on the android and stand alone versions. Traffic is the main reason I use this app. Lately though traffic data seems slow to update despite the claims by TomTom. Which since they provide data to other apps as well- is not a good thing.
  • Needs more details

    By Luis__Ramirez
    It needs more details on which freeway to get, needs to add full freeway name, for example it should tell you to take 710 S Long Beach, not just take 710 S or take Long Beach fwy. Not all freeway signs have the full fwy name so it gets confusing with the half details.
  • What a confusing joke

    By GearHead1226
    I still haven’t figured out how to put in a destination. It’s so confusing and frustrating I’ll never trust it. A lame, LAME, poor man’s Tomtom.
  • Works well except with contacts and then works abysmally

    By Tgrrrrr
    I started using this app before iOS 11.0.2 was available. Most of the places that I navigate to are in my Contacts. In the original tom-tom app, my Contacts would load in a few seconds, and searching my Contacts was quick and accurate. With this new app it took five minutes to load Contacts every single time I clicked on Contacts or I clicked on search contacts with the previous iOS. After I updated to iOS 11.0.2 it takes four minutes to load Contacts. This is totally unacceptable. The app’s search contacts cannot find any contacts by company name. Nor can it find the first name or last name if a contact is marked as a “company“ contact. Again, this is totally unacceptable. I also have to agree with the other reviews that have issue with searching for a point of interest. I need to be able to search for it by name, especially if it’s not near me or near my city or near any city in the case of many national and state parks. Once these issues are fixed I will raise my rating. Until then, bring the old app back into the App Store.